What pints fit in The Culy?

This is designed to fit all pints that come in a paper 16oz pint (example: Ben and Jerry's) or a 14oz (example: Haagen-Dazs) pint size. The cap can be plastic (Example: Baskin Robbin's pints), but the pint packaging should be paper. Plastic pints (Example: Talenti) and other brands with unique packaging will not fit. Most all brands of ice cream use the same size paper pints. Some choose a unique design for their brand, which will most likely not fit into The culy. To work so well The Culy needs to fit perfectly around the pint, so it is sized to accommodate all common pints.

Will my Ice cream last forever?

Great question! Here is what we have learned through 2 years of testing this product in a variety of locations and conditions:
Eventually, your ice cream will melt. We have had great success with The Culy up to 4 hours on its own, or 8 hours in a cooler with other food and drinks. But sometimes less than 4 hours, and sometimes more. There are too many factors that affect this to give a concrete, works like this every time, answer. Ice cream type and ingredients is actually one of the biggest variables! We have found that a full pint lasts longer than a half full pint, sorbet/non-dairy lasts a little longer than dairy ice cream, which lasts longer than gelato. That is just the science of the ingredients. Also, grocery store freezers are generally colder than your home freezer, so straight from the store usually lasts a little longer as well.

Also, if you 'pre-chill' The Ice Cream Canteen in the freezer, it will give better results. This is not necessary for use, but if you would like to maximize the time, we do recommend putting the container and cap in the freezer for up to 15ish minutes to allow the inside to get cold before putting in your pint of ice cream.

The Culy is the best available insulation in the best design to keep ice cream cold as long as possible, and wayyyy longer than on it's own. We are still limited by the constraints of physics and other unknown factors of this magical rock called Earth. Your Culy will get ice cream to amazing places previously impossible, but it will melt eventually. Sometimes faster than other times of use.

The last factor is how you like your ice cream. If you prefer to eat softer ice cream this will 'last' longer than if you prefer rock hard, super solid ice cream. Ice cream in The Culy does not go from solid to melted in one instant at one particular time. It will eventually begin to soften and continue to soften until it is no longer enjoyable. It does soften as oppose to melt which I think is great. A totally melted pint of ice cream will take a really long time. The times mentioned above are for enjoyable, solid ice cream.
Also, I have found it begins to soften from the top down. So the first layer will be a little softer after X hours than the lower 2/3, bottom half, and bottom of the pint. This is also the physics of vacuum-insulated containers.

Can I use The Culy without a pint?

Yes! This will also keep your ice cream cold if you scoop it straight into The Culy . The insulation is still excellent. Do note this is designed to be used with a full pint, so the insulation time may be different. You can also re-use a paper pint or get unbranded paper pints for your homemade ice creams and those will fit also. We are also working on our own reusable pints that are coming soon!

Does it leak?

Culy has a water-tight seal, so liquids can not get into or out of The Ice Cream Canteen

Does the cap squeak?

The cap is stainless steel, just like the container. This is to provide insulation far better than a plastic cap. There is more noise as a result of the metal on metal contact. We don't think this is an issue at all, but the cap does make more noise and more friction than a plastic cap would.

Can I put it in the dishwasher or microwave?

Can I put it in the dishwasher or microwave?

For the longevity of your Culy and its powder coat finish do not put the container or cap in the dishwasher or microwave.


What shipping options do you offer?

Culy offers multiple different shipping options from your shopping cart. You can choose the speed of delivery that you prefer. Our free shipping option is ground shipping that usually arrives within 5 business days of leaving our warehouse in Gold Coast, Queensland.

How can I track my order

You will receive an email with order tracking information after you place any order.

My order arrived damaged

If your order has arrived damaged, please send an email to infoleisureinc@gmail.com with photos of the damaged products and packaging.

Do you ship international?

Yes we do.


Can I return it?

The Ice Cream Canteen has a 30 day money back guarantee. Ice Cream Canteens that are in new, unused condition may be returned for a full refund. Return shipping is not covered by Leisure Inc.

Before sending you product back, please contact us via email at infoleisureinc@gmail.com with the following information:

First and last name
Email address
Phone number
Product being returned
Reason for return
Date of purchase

Once your claim has been processed, we will contact you to return your product. Upon arrival of your return we will reach out to you via email with the status of your return.

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, The Ice Cream Canteen comes with a 2 Year Warranty against defects in manufacturing. Please see our Warranty Page here

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